Introducing our Dota 2 team

Our Dota 2 team, comprised by the best talent Slovenia has to offer, has been playing together for the past two months. Consisting of Andre, a founding member of the team, with his experienced support Morbid.Sweet.Sexy, also joined by Food-san on the offlane position and up-and-coming youngsters looking to prove themselves on the mid and carry positions; Shinigami and Ownage.

The team played pretty well in the last season, reaching the second place in the group stages of the JoinDota league. However, they were unsuccessful in passing through playoffs for division two. They were also competing in the Elite Balkan League, where they manage to achieve a top 8 spot.


si Food-san

si Morbid.Sweet.Sexy

si Ownage

si Zidko

si Andre


The Radiant by sandara, Deviant Art

The Radiant by sandara, Deviant Art