Introducing our CS:GO team

As you might know already, we’ve acquired the team formerly known as Primates in the beginning of January this year with members matafe, saveeey, bustem, snipey and mgx. Their first test came in the form of the Epicenter LAN 9 in Maribor on the 20th and 21st of February, where they showcased excellent play, losing their first map only once already in the finals, but by adapting mid-series they’ve  succeeded in taking away an epic victory from team thinktwice.

Even though the team was very proud of their first accomplishment, it became apparent that some changes have to be made in order to improve. Team members Snipey and MgX where consequently replaced by guGi and bomez.

The team in its current form is training tirelessly and competing in numerous tournaments, such as SEEC Season 3, ESL Spring Open Playoff and etc.


si MaTaFe

si bomez

si guGi

si Bustem

si saveeey



Csgo Bannertesttesttest2 by cptpct002, Deviant Art