Bootcamp recap and May action

The boys met in Šoštanj, Slovenia, for a 4-day bootcamp from April 28 to May 1. Mostly, they were scriming. On Saturday, April 30, they played in the Dreamhack Minor Open qualifier. They placed among the top 64 teams, where they lost against LDCL, Ex6TenZ’s new team. They played Dust 2 with 16:9.

They advanced to the top 8 teams in the South East Europe Championship. Now, they have to reach top 3 in order to qualify for LAN as a part of Comic Con in Bucharest. The first match against aimclub is tomorrow, May 2 at 19:00.

Their final confrontation to qualify for ESL Major League is on Tuesday, May 3 at 21:00. They will be playing against Fluffy Gangsters.

Some photos from bootcamp. 🙂